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  The long awaited days of spring were finally upon us. On this beautiful bright day of new beginnings I stood in my daughter’s bedroom talking with her about the day ahead. A shower of tears darted from her eyes sprinting down her cheeks drenching her sheets. In between sobs she moaned about why she didn’t want to go to tennis practice.

  “I don’t want to go!”

  “Why not?” I asked.

  “I just don’t want to go!”

  “Well, can you help me understand why you don’t want to go?” I asked.

Her tears were real, I could see them and touch them as I wiped them away. But, her fears were not. I could not see them, nor could I touch them. If I could I would have wipe them away, as well. The illusion of her fears taunted her and teased me as I pondered ways to help her understand.....(GET the FULL STORY for $0.99)

Erase Bear a true self-help story